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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a real estate investor, ensure you know what you’re purchasing with an inspection report. For 15 years our Brandon location has serviced the greater metro Jackson Mississippi area for home inspections.

What is an Annual Property Maintenance Inspection?

An Annual Property Maintenance Inspection is a property inspection conducted annually by our team of experts. These routine checkups allow for our team to uncover routine damage that can lead to costly long-term damage. For instance, roof damage, if caught early enough, can prevent water damages such as: rotten wood, damaged ceilings, and mold growth. However, if unnoticed for a long duration of time, this could lead to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.  Much in the way HVAC systems are routinely maintained, this annual property inspection provides a helpful way to proactively maintain the value and integrity of your property for years to come.

Do I need a property maintenance inspection?

Yes. A property maintenance inspection should be conducted at least once per year. The residential or commercial property that you own is likely one of your most expensive financial investments. Maintaining the property also helps the property maintain its market value. If the condition of the property declines; its value will also decline.

How much does an Annual Property Maintenance Inspection cost?

The cost of the annual maintenance varies based on the size of the properties and type of foundation. Currently, we are providing this service at 25% off of our standard rate.

Which items are inspected during an Annual Property Maintenance Inspection?

Heating system
Cooling system
Water Heater
Kitchen appliances
Structural / Foundation
Smoke detectors

What occurs after an Annual Property Maintenance Inspection?

Once the inspector has completed the maintenance inspection, they will review their findings while also answering any questions along the way. The inspector will point out regular maintenance tasks to help keep all of the property’s systems functioning in tiptop shape. Soon thereafter, you’ll receive a written report detailing everything the inspector found as well as recommendations.

What if concerns are found during the inspection?

Your inspector will be able to recommend reputable service providers to assist you with any concerns found during the inspection.

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