Metro Jackson MS Commercial Inspections

Magnolia Inspections has been providing high quality commercial inspections in the surrounding metro Jackson MS area for over 2 decades

Commercial Inspections You Can Trust

Different from residential inspections, commercial inspections – also known as due diligence assessments – call for an extensive knowledge of applicable codes, regulations and standards. This is for experts only, and Magnolia Inspections is staffed only by experts, bringing our proven track record of knowledge and skill to each and every site with an expertise no novice can match.

We conduct commercial property inspections and provide consulting services to companies, investors, developers, and lenders, giving you critical information in making your decision to buy, lease, sell, rehab, manage or invest in property.

Do you own commercial property? If so, then it’s important you have an assessment of how that property has been maintained. Are you considering leasing commercial property? Then it’s crucial you know the building’s condition and the expected maintenance costs you are agreeing to take on over the course of the lease.

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