10 Ways Sellers Can Get A Cleaner Inspection Report

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1. Confirm gas, water and electricity are turned on and gas pilot lights are burning.Ensure pets won’t hinder inspection.

2. Tell Realtor about cats or other animals to be kept inside.

NOTE: Kenneling or taking the pets to the spa for the day is recommended.

3. Replace any burned out light bulbs.

4. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries if needed.

5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC Air Filters. Verify filters fit and are properly secured.

6. Move wood, stored items, high soil lines or debris away from foundations perimeter walls.

7. Unlock or remove locks from any items the inspectors must access:

  • Gates on fences
  • Attic Access Hatches or Doors
  • Electric Service Panels
  • Special Closets
  • Crawl Space Hatches, for pier-and-beam construction

8. Confirm areas and components are accessible by removing items blocking access to:

  • Electric Service panels
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Water Heaters
  • Ground-fault Circuit-interrupters (GFCI) receptacles or devices
  • Attic or Crawl Space Hatches, NOTE: remove items that might restrict movement in attic or crawl space.


9. Trim tree limbs away from the roof covering and trim shrubs away from the exterior walls to allow access.

10. Repair or Replace broken, damaged or missing items:

  • Door knobs, locks & latches
  • Window glass, locks, screens
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide alarms
  • Light fixtures and bulbs
  • Anti-siphon devices on exterior faucets
  • Rain gutters & downspouts
  • Chimney flue caps

Take these simple actions and your home inspection will go much faster and will result in a “cleaner” better looking inspection report. Good news for Seller, Buyer and Realtor alike!

Real Estate Agent Information

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Safety Hazards with Furnace Uncovered During Inspection

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During the course of a Professional home inspection, all gas fired appliances should be thoroughly inspected to ensure correct installation. I recently inspected a 2 year old home and discovered that the Furnace flue piping had never been connected. “Yikes!” Watch the video below to learn more.

If you or someone you know in the Jackson Metro area is looking for a professional home inspector, please contact our office today at 601-454-4073 or visit our website to sign up to receive our FREE report, “5 Ways to Avoid Hiring the Blind Home Inspector…” Plus a sample of our Professional Home Inspection Report.

Colony of Bats Discovered in the Attic During Routine Home Inspection

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One of my recent Mississippi home inspections uncovered a Colony of Bats living in the Attic… Yikes! Watch the video below:

Be sure you choose a professional home inspector who doesn’t rush through the home inspection but rather takes the necessary time to look close in all areas.

Contact us to schedule a convenient time for us to come out and inspect your house!

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